Monday, April 9, 2012

Now everyone can go to Spa!

Dear Girls on the world wide web,
          A new spa is in town! What's awesome is the price. Ever heard of a spa that uses premium internationally known brand for super duper bargain prices? That's the vision of my mother and I! Show us your good support, and come here! Do a simple manicure & pedicure for just RM60! Opening offer, guys! Seriously, check out the prices, and see for yourself!

Recommendations will be given according to the needs and wants of our customers.
Products are as NATURAL as it gets! We use only Tanamera (Malaysia) and Ramburi (Thailand) spa products!
The more you take, the more discounts we give! 
How's that for pampering?

Massage + Body Scrub (choose from; Coffee (anti-aging, anti-cellulite)/ Boreh (muscle aches, arthritis, post-natal)/ Hibiscus *add RM20* (anti-blemishing, anti-bacteria, unclog pores)
RM 136, 1hr.++ (np: RM170)

Massage + Body Wrap (choose from; Coconut milk (Softening, smoothening, hydrating)/ Hibiscus *add RM20* (anti-blemishing, antibacterial, balancing, toning)
RM120, 1 hr.++ (np: RM150)

Massage Oils selection: Relaxing oil, Detox Oil, Gingerblend oil.
Just massage? RM70-90 (shower afterwards not recommended, but feel free to use our shower facility!)
Need more info on more packages? Feel free to call me @ 012-6376136. Please inform me you heard this from my blog! Have an awesome day! ONLY OPEN FOR LADIES!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

1st Trial: NARUKO Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Morning Yogurt

NARUKO Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2
Whitening Morning Yogurt
Brand: Naruko
Origins: Taiwan

The box, nice colour combo.

Ingredients list. 
The bottle inside the box.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Authentic Korean Products For SALE!

So, my 'jagi' is back in KL, and being a sweetheart he will never meet me empty handed, so he asked for a list...of course, what else would I want from Korea, if not SKINCARE STUFF! I gave a list, and the problem here is - (not actually a problem) he doubled or tripled the number of each item, so I end up getting 2-3 of the same stuff, he said for a future stock or whatever I wanna do with it, coz it's pretty cheap for him. *hugs* So...some of the product aren't best on my skin, either the BB cream is too light on my skin, or toner isn't as powerful to control my sebum..but I think it should work for others.. Here, have a look, if anything fancy catches your eyes, remember: 

#1. Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream, 30ml. rm65.00(Retail: rm77)
Enriched with natural anti-aging active ingredients from marine plants and botanical extracts, Eco Science regenerates skin and provides nutrients for self-protective skin.
Quickie: So I've used my first bottle, I have dark circles almost daily these months. Anyhow, it isn't a wonder kit if you need to heal your dark circles, but puffyness and premature wrinkles are reduced.


#2. Innisfree Eco Natural Cover BB Cream with Marshmellow SPF45/PA+++. rm50.00 (Retail rm55)
Quickie: I tried once on my face, like I said - it's too light for me. I like the smell, it's not the typical BB cream smell so much. Sometimes, it smells quite nice! It is quite thick, so use it only a tiny bit. I'm loving the ingredients, sounds so yummy! Anyway, it is still too light for my olive skin!!

It says no.2 Beige. Yeah...Im still too dark for this beige! 

#3. Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder. rm40.00 (Retail rm48)
Quickie: My jagi bought me 3 of these...At first it seems too much, it's still is, but I'm so loving the powder - lovely peachy smell and silky smooth skin, really! So, im keeping one more for myself, one more to give away for sale! Oh, I have combo skin, that means T-Zone is oilier than the rest, so im just telling you it's awesome in keeping the whole face so fresh and matte!

#4. Innisfree Natural Breath Skin Toner, 140ml. rm48.00 (Retail rm55)
A regenerative toner with Zyen-r for gentle exfoliation and moisturization.
Quickie: Currently finishing this toner. It's ok for me, but I think it works to its fullest potential for skin that needs rehydration or aging skin. Smells ok, lovely glass packaging, and as most Korean toner, they aren't as watery as those you buy off the pharmacy, it's thicker. I'm liking it! But I dont want to use another bottle, I want to venture on for something new kekeke.

As the post labeled, these are 100% authentic stuff, directly from Korea, bought at their own respective store in Myeongdong :D. So, no worries, I'm just trying not to waste the products because I think one is enough for me - so, yeah...Feel free to contact me, fellas! Price isn't concrete final, I might lower it a lil more for ya!

Monday, July 11, 2011

In queue

Reviews in line...

NOPS - Silky Effect Shampoo, Enzyme Foaming Cleanser, Shake In Body Oil.
STEBLANC (under NOPS) - Micro Peeling Gel, Multifunctional UV Cut Solution Mild Sunblock.
NARUKO -  Job's Tear Whitening and Cooling Night Gelly

and more more more!

Review: NARUKO Niaouli & Tea Tree Balancing Moisturiser

NARUKO Niaouli & Tea Tree
Balancing Moisturiser 
Brand: Naruko (Niu Er)
Origins: Taiwan

Niaouli & Tea Tree Moisturizer

Most of us already know the power of Tea Tree when it comes to Acne prone skin. It is a natural antiseptic and the Australian Aborigines have been using it for centuries to heal cuts and wounds. 
 Niaouli (which is so difficult to remember the spelling :P), is Melaleuca viridiflora (same family as Tea Tree, these 'Melaleuca'), which also has antiseptic values to clear blemishes, act as a decongestant for your oily sebum, and the smell itself is therapeutic and it helps clearing and refocusing the mind.