Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: NARUKO Niaouli & Tea Tree Balancing Moisturiser

NARUKO Niaouli & Tea Tree
Balancing Moisturiser 
Brand: Naruko (Niu Er)
Origins: Taiwan

Niaouli & Tea Tree Moisturizer

Most of us already know the power of Tea Tree when it comes to Acne prone skin. It is a natural antiseptic and the Australian Aborigines have been using it for centuries to heal cuts and wounds. 
 Niaouli (which is so difficult to remember the spelling :P), is Melaleuca viridiflora (same family as Tea Tree, these 'Melaleuca'), which also has antiseptic values to clear blemishes, act as a decongestant for your oily sebum, and the smell itself is therapeutic and it helps clearing and refocusing the mind.

What’s To Love
  • It controls my oily T-Zone like nobody's business! :D (On the side note, please apply on facial cotton, then swipe as usual, or else the patting with your hands makes this product failed)
  • The smell is great, since I like herbal smell. It has the distinctive Tea Tree smell with a hint of Lavender. 
  • Right when it hits your skin, the cooling sensation is amazingly refreshing!
  • Special points: contains Phytoferulin, and Snow Fungus Extract. Only Niu Er does it! (and he looks like my ex bf...a fairer and handsome-er version =.=)
What’s to Dislike
  • People who dislike the smell of tea tree can find it annoying, the smell's pretty strong.
  • A little runny, so please be careful not to spill on first application. Use the cotton pad instead to apply, after that, pat!pat!pat!
  • Didn't do much for minimizing pores as it claims to do.
  • Lightening of dark spots isn't reliable either.

Availability | ShopShop(online store)
Price | RM42.00 (I got mine at RM37 something, member's price and promo, wee.)
Repurchase? | Yes
Effectiveness | 10/10
Overall | 5/5


  1. Hmm, thanks for the review. I'm currently using Naruko range of products too but I have not tried this. :D

  2. you should, if you HAVE oily u? Coz if not i think the Rose with Snow Fungus is much more awesome, have u tried? btw i envy ur profile pretty like a pixie. Smoky eyes make up makes me look like i got beaten up pretty bad..:(