Monday, April 9, 2012

Now everyone can go to Spa!

Dear Girls on the world wide web,
          A new spa is in town! What's awesome is the price. Ever heard of a spa that uses premium internationally known brand for super duper bargain prices? That's the vision of my mother and I! Show us your good support, and come here! Do a simple manicure & pedicure for just RM60! Opening offer, guys! Seriously, check out the prices, and see for yourself!

Recommendations will be given according to the needs and wants of our customers.
Products are as NATURAL as it gets! We use only Tanamera (Malaysia) and Ramburi (Thailand) spa products!
The more you take, the more discounts we give! 
How's that for pampering?

Massage + Body Scrub (choose from; Coffee (anti-aging, anti-cellulite)/ Boreh (muscle aches, arthritis, post-natal)/ Hibiscus *add RM20* (anti-blemishing, anti-bacteria, unclog pores)
RM 136, 1hr.++ (np: RM170)

Massage + Body Wrap (choose from; Coconut milk (Softening, smoothening, hydrating)/ Hibiscus *add RM20* (anti-blemishing, antibacterial, balancing, toning)
RM120, 1 hr.++ (np: RM150)

Massage Oils selection: Relaxing oil, Detox Oil, Gingerblend oil.
Just massage? RM70-90 (shower afterwards not recommended, but feel free to use our shower facility!)
Need more info on more packages? Feel free to call me @ 012-6376136. Please inform me you heard this from my blog! Have an awesome day! ONLY OPEN FOR LADIES!


  1. wooow that sounds great!